How  are we different from others?

We are pioneers in EV technology and are the only established player in India providing retro-fitment solutions for LCV/HCV/BUS and special utility vehicles.

Our key differentiators are :

  • TECHNOLOGY : We started very early and have put in extensive man hours to understand, improve and test our systems; our technological progress has been steady and upward since inception. We have spent considerable time and effort to improve the batteries and motors our efforts to engineer them has resulted in significant improvement in compactness and performance efficiency. These product improvements would be available to the market very soon. Our batteries and motors are also smart, meaning vastly greater data availability for ongoing research and development. EVCU ( Electric Vehicle Control Unit ) is complex and needs several parametric inputs and behavioral properties which need to be properly understood to scale up on technological upgrades. We are a select few in the world of EC technology and our pioneering research is of critical importance in this technology segment


  • PERFORMANCE : Our motors are very compact and 50% more efficient compared to our competitors, which leads to less weight, higher capacity, longer range. Moreover our batteries have higher energy density, faster charging time without damage to the battery


  • PRICE : Without compromising on the quality, our prices are yet quite competitive in the growing EV market. Our cost economics are very compelling for businesses to go electric through our conversion kits. Click here to look at the Cost economics.