Cost Economics of an electric truck.

Let`s understand the cost benefits of Electric truck. An electric truck can do about 100kms in a single charge and with a carrying capacity of 1.2 Tonne, our Electric Truck conversion kits are priced very competitively. Below comparison chart shows the savings that can be made by having an Electric Truck.

Cost of Diesel 54 Considering BioDiesel
Cost of Electricity 6 Commercial Unit Price
Mileage in Kms 10 100 10 Units of Electricity for a complete charge cycle is Rs.60
Cost/ Km 5.4 0.6
Total Kms / Day 100 100
Expenditure /Day 540 60
Monthly Expense on Fuel 16200 1800
Maintenance cost 2430 180 15% for Diesel & 10% for Electric
Total Expenditure/Month 18630 1980
Annual Expenditure 223560 23760
Losses on Fuel Theft 4471.2 0 2% losses annually on Theft
Total 228031.2 23760
Savings on Electric LCV 204271.2


The above table clearly explains that switching to electric makes a great sense, but wait we have some people who are concerned about battery life. Our batteries last for around 1800 Charge cycles but we always consider 1500 cycles for calculation. That means even if you run 100 kms/day the batteries would last for 4 years.

In case you need to replace batteries after 3 years the cost is 20% of your 2 years savings or say 10% of your total savings made in 4 years.

Just to make diesel Vehicle owners feel better let`s consider a worst case scenario where in battery packs needs to be changed after 1 year( just assume 4 charge and discharge cycles in a day! or 400 Kms/day) and add subtract the battery cost with the total saving and still we are left with 134271.2 which we are sure is not a bad idea.
Apart from cost benefits , the motors have a very large lifetime and hardly electric trucks require any maintenance apart from the brakes. Companies would also be reducing their carbon footprints by switching to electric.

*The comparison given above is based on real world case study and the figures are an approximation*