Want to Know more about Electric Vehicles ? We are here to help.

1) Brief about electric Vehicles and it`s components. If to convert your vehicle to electric or not? Pro`s and con`s. Charging infrastructure- Rs 5000/ Consultation Session
2) Want us help you with the Specifications to convert your car/bus/any Vehicle to Electric? -Rs.20000/ Consultation session
3) Want us to help you with specifications and imports?- Rs. 50000/ Consultation + Import charges in actuals
4) Want us to do the retrofitment? Our kits vary from 1 Lakh to 50 Lakh Rs depending on the vehicle. We can convert any vehicle to electric.

The consultation session for 1 will be upto 2 hours.
Specification parameter will require upto 48 hours from the time of payment.
Specification + imports will be as per the time frame required